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1.Why do we need ILM?
Ans: ILM focuses on developing the art of language skills of students, communicative skills/English knowledge as a part of the curriculum through and along with drama skills, creative writing skills, arts and crafts and other recreational activities.
2.What Does a child Learn from your Institution?

Ans:At our organisation, the child learns to:

  • Speak “grammatically” correct English.
  • Develop his/her communication skills through interactive and fun-filled activities.
  • Learn to converse fluently and confidently about day to day situations.
  • Express his/her ideas more freely and eloquently.
  • Build up his/her vocabulary.
  • Improve his/her ability to perform better in their examinations.
  • Overcome his/her hesitation and confidently speak in English.
  • Improve his/her personality by learning to use socially accepted etiquette.
  • Drama skills, creative writing skills, arts and crafts and other recreational activities.
3.How long has ILM been teaching Communicative English in schools?
Ans:ILM has been teaching the art of communicative English in schools since 2002.
4.How many schools are you teaching in ?
Ans:We are teaching in more than 200 schools in India.
5.What qualifications do your trainers possess?
Ans:Graduates + ILM’S-Train The Trainer certified.
6.What guarantee do you give that children will speak English in one academic year?
Ans:Learning a language is a lifelong process coupled with regular practice, however we assure you that there will be a visible change in the first academic year.
7.What are your methods while teaching primary sections?
Ans:Our teaching is activity based wherein we use flash cards/props in a special course called Ducky and friends and many more, where the students enjoy themselves and show more interest in learning English.
8.Do your teachers/trainers speak the regional language?
Ans: Yes, some of them / No, however they are not supposed to speak any other language except English as we are there to teach that Language. It’s a policy matter of ILM.
9.Do you focus on Pronunciation, Public Speaking, Drama etc..?
Ans.We focus on all aspects of the English language skills based on the level of the learner.
10.Do you provide any material?
Ans.No. Our trainers have the material and the students will maintain a notebook.
11.Who checks your trainers/teachers performance?
Ans.Our MTMS (Regional Head, Zone Head, Team Leader, Trainee Team Leader) check the performance of the trainers/teachers by visiting or calling the school. They send a school visit/call report to the Head Office.
12.How do we make the payment / mode of payment?
Ans.You make the payment in two installments either by Cheque/DD/RTGS.
13.How long is the duration of your course?
Ans.The standard duration of the course is 8 months in an academic year.
14.What if a trainer/teacher takes leave? Will you make alternate arrangements?
Ans:If it is an unexpected leave (1 or 2 days) like health issues/ emergency, substitution won’t be given. If it’s more than 3 days, alternate arrangement will be made.
15.Will there be any change of trainers/teachers during the academic year?
Ans: No, there won’t be any change of trainers/teachers during the academic year (Unless requested by you or if there are any unavoidable circumstances) Note: At ILM we do not believe in changing a trainers/teachers as it is a tedious and expensive task which is detrimental to the student community too.
16.Can you send your trainers/teachers (when we start the school) to our school to give a demo class?
Ans:We don’t believe in giving demos. You can see our performance once the trainers/teachers come to the school. Note:A short demonstration does not guarantee a commendable year long training program.
17. Do you train our teachers?
Ans: Yes, we do. To train your teachers we have a program called "Teachers Orientation" conducted by our sister concern "CAMPUS GUIDE PVT LTD."Note: Charges apply.
18. Can you show the course material?
Ans: The index of the topics and the activities will be made available to the schools through ILM's SMS.
19. Are your fees negotiable?
Ans: We are sorry it would be extremely difficult to do that. However we will consider and get back to you. But we would like to re-affirm that ILM believes in Quality Education and believe us our fees are extremely reasonable.
20. What if our strength is less than 625? How would you charge?
Ans: The amount that you must pay would be equivalent to 625 students @Fee per student as a total fee.