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ILM'S Educational/Recreational Language Skills and Art of Communicative Skills (English)

ILM'S English Today

Learning a language skill and effective communicative skills is an art and also comprises the learning of the culture involved within that language.

ILM'S Multi-Recreational Activities

ILM'S English language skills training / Communicative skills/English knowledge course is delivered as a part of the curriculum for the students.

ILM'S Examination/Assessments

ILM will support the school in various aspects in conducting the assessment / examination in English language proficiency and other related activities of examinations .


ADMINISTRATIVE: AN MOU will be signed between the Directors of ILM and the Management of the school.

Duration: 1 Academic Year during school hours (June/July - February/March)

Total number of classes: Minimum 45 in 1 Academic Year (2 educational periods per week per division/section)

Number of Faculties: Depending on the number of sections/divisions (enrollment) ILM will decide the number of trainers/teachers/coach (1 Faculty can handle 30-36 periods per week)

ILM has a full proof system of Reporting, Monitoring and Evaluating the performance of the trainers with the assistance of the school managements. This will be on a continuous basis THROUGHOUT THE ACADEMIC YEAR.

We also ASSESS and EVALUTE every student in the school. This individual report will enable the teachers, parents and students to understand the skill level of the student and chart out an appropriate plan for improvement.

We have also introduced an exclusive Online Service for schools. This service is known as ILM'S SCHOOL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM. This service will give you DIRECT ACCESS to the Head Office in Bangalore where all information, queries and reports can be discussed.